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An Opportunity Is In Front of Us

The words from our president-elect, Barrack Obama, have got me wondering and all I can see in front is an opportunity for change.

As we enter into a new era, many have questions of the direction that we are headed in.  Let's start here:  our president-elect pointed out to all of us tht we have been told long enough what we can't do.  Now the president-elect is starting off with "Yes We Can".

I spent the better part of my life (42 years) being told what I can't do.  The school system began that from the start:  "Be realistic, you won't be let down...".  The seed of negativity was planted.  It has flourished across the land, among many generations.

Change is a frightening prospect for many, for some it's not.  Many, for the first time, welcome change due to the idea of "Yes We Can".  Instead of having limitations put on the table, we are being asked and encouraged to use our imaginations for the better.  To work together, one on one and collectively.  The days of selfness could be eliminated with the idea of "Yes We Can".

Some are asking:  "What's in it for me?".  That is exactly the attitude that drags us down.  "Yes We Can" is not about being self-absorbed and selfish.  For those who think they are owed somthing, you might be missing the meaning behind "Yes We Can".  It's about working together to help one another to reach a higher standard.  "Yes We Can" because..."We all breathe the same air..." JFK.  Those two quotes encapsulate it all for this 42 year old.

Looking forward to the future.  A future of optimism and hope, it is at our doorstep.   Hello neighbor, how can I help?

Chris Hutchins   11/10/08

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