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Dog Hair Productions Behind the Scenes CONVERSATION - Details/Reviews FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME

A Conversation With An Assassin...

Split In Two

Sons Of The Desert'07*

Sam's Dance**

Put On

Mourning Morning...

Terror (within)

Whistlin' In The Dark

One Day...

You Won't Go Home...


from Jason Lollar of Lollar Guitars:  "Good Work"

from David Marshall:  "The additional instruments/tracks added a depth and richness to this disc compared to Out of Darkness. Great lyrics...terrific voice but the overall fullness is what caught me most".

Go dog go! by Davido Reado:  "Oh baby... That Sam's Dance, that's the one baby, I know just what you mean!!! You go Dog!!! Your on to something hear, don't you give up, this stuff is great!"

from Michael T:  "The more I listen to it...the more I like it. Listening to it made me pull out all my old Leonard Cohen albums and play them."

from John E, the collector:  Sam's Dance. Very good. Whistlin’ in the Dark. I like the overall writing.

from Mick R:  It's been 30 years since i smoked a joint... Hearing this for the first time makes me wanna roll one sit back and just groove!

from Rex:  I hear the conversation of the inner turmoil you have been going thru. I know you better then yo think. I remember what you wanted and what you need . You have been missing. But you are certainly onto what you need to be. Wheres the love song? Did you looses it again? Please keep forging ahead of the rest. i love it.

from So???:  What the hell? Where is your middle eighth? You are a rave wanna be? What the hell? your opener for out of darkness was so heavy and now you open unplugged?? We have to wait until your moment at the end of Put On to actually hear you break out. "Chris???" so where do you get off? I loved the journey in Out of Darkness. I hear the journey in your conversation. So is this you, or, did you sit down w/an assassin? If you sat down, than you are truly a freak! Either way you have gone into a different direction and that means some body will be scared or thrilled. All is something diff. So who are you voting for?

from Troy of the band Bridge:  " I have listened to it five times already... I really like the music all the way thru... One of these day's you got break out of your baritone vocal style... Like the roughness of the over all project... Very good arrangements."

from E. Riel:  Leaves an impression, very atmospheric, takes turns that are cool. The twists are different. From start to finish.

from IC Jr.:  Yeah! Better than your last, your stuff keeps getting better, great stuff, I loved it.

from Frank:  Where did you come up with this stuff? Son's of the Desert, has the best vocals of all. I really like when your harmony/ back ground vocal comes in. I'll keep listening. Maybe my car stereo wasn't the best place to listen to it.

from DH:  Love the opening from track 1, like the music very smooth and just nice on the ears.

from Larry:  Really like track 1 and track 3, some redundant moments but still like it it overall. Fits a lot of other bands I listen to. Reminded me of a college scene.

from DH:  I have had the chance to hear the whole record a few times and I'm in love with the music. Just not sure what to think of the voice. I'm not trying to be hurtful. It just didn't seem to fit the music and I can't put my finger on the why. Maybe too rough? Maybe I was expecting your voice to be as smooth as the music is. I guess that I'm may be just too commercialized in regards to music.

from Ray:  It's about time... Worth the wait.


All material written and arranged by Chris...

Recorded and Engineered at Dog Hair Mobile Studio by Mike Gardoski

Executive Producer Chris Hutchins

Co-Produced by Chris Hutchins and Mike Gardoski

Mastered by Dog Hair Productions (c)2008 BMI

*Recorded At Affinity Studios.  Engineered and Co-Produced by Jim Bruhner.  Produced by John Hutchins.  Mastered by Ross Nyberg, Disc Masters.  '07 Re-Mix by Dog Hair Productions.

**From the film 'Down A Dirt Road' by Dino Lencioni